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Hydrasonic Scalp Exfoliator

Hydrasonic Scalp Exfoliator

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Discover the secret to a healthy scalp and radiant hair with Mylani Therapeutic Scalp Exfoliator, meticulously crafted to gently remove sebum buildup, impurities, and dead skin cells, ensuring your hair gets the nurture it deserves.


Promotes Scalp Health: Regular use of Mylani Scalp Exfoliator aids in maintaining a balanced scalp, reducing the likelihood of dandruff, itchiness, and irritation. The removal of sebum buildup ensures that your scalp can breathe, promoting optimal conditions for hair growth.

Stimulates Blood Circulation: The gentle exfoliating action stimulates blood flow to the scalp, ensuring that hair follicles receive an ample supply of nutrients and oxygen. This invigorated blood circulation is key to supporting stronger and healthier hair growth.

  • Removes Buildup: Effectively eliminates product residue, oil, and dead skin cells, preventing them from clogging the hair follicles.
  • Purifies Scalp: Deep cleanses the scalp, ensuring that the roots of the hair are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Controls Oil Production: Helps in regulating sebum production on the scalp, which is a key factor in reducing dandruff and seborrhea.
  • Antifungal Action: Has antifungal properties, helping to combat the yeast-like fungus that can contribute to dandruff.
  • Removes Dead Skin Cells: Assists in sloughing off dead skin cells, which can accumulate and contribute to dandruff and an itchy scalp.
  • Promotes Cell Renewal: Encourages the natural process of cell turnover, keeping the scalp fresh and healthy.

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Works perfectly to clean my scalp and keep it itch free