• CeCe

    “Y'all my babygirl been through some thangs with her hair and scalp. I feel like we've tried everything. NOTHING could keep her hair moisturized and ultimately she ended up with a ringworm on her scalp that spread to 3 different spots.

    I reached out to 2 hairstylist here in Tulsa for help and none of them reached back out to me.  I reached out to Charlisa Chadowboxx Harris and she recommended her Treat boxx. My baby's scalp looks sooo freaking hydrated, clean asf and healthy after using these products and her hair is growing back slowly but surely. I could cry right now 😭”

  • Shilo

    I’m going through chemo infusions, and because of this, I get lupus rashes. My scalp and skin break out in sores and are so sensitive. The scalp tonic blew my mind the first time I tried it! I was almost scared because it felt so good. It soothed my inflammation after one use. The sooth conditioner keeps the scalp peeling at bay. 

    The pumpkin body wash, and sugar scrub have made my shower time more enjoyable. I get a good dose of aroma therapy, while using products that are easy on my skin, and work so well!

  • Jaymie

    I would just like to say I’ve tried so many hair products over the years for me and my kids hair. After one use of the shampoo and conditioner I instantly seen and felt a difference in all of our hair.

    The leave in conditioner and shea puddn will always be in my house. Definitely looking forward to the launch since we are out on products and our hair is craving the love you put into your products. Thank you for providing healthy & affordable hair products we can trust!

  • Lanaeya F.

    I started using the Juicyy Styling Defining Mousse after a mistaken purchase, but it was probably the best purchase yet. I assumed mousse was not made for curly hair, but I was wrong. I was able to cut my wash and go time in half, including diffusing, and got fluffy yet defined curls with just using the mousse.

    I strongly believe that my hair started growing because of how lightweight the product was for my hair. It's my number one product, and I don't use anything else! 

  • Jeyonna Barr

    I used your products last night, like all of them after I took my braids out. I lost a lot of hair from tension, and probably postpartum alopecia. My scalp was all flaky and itchy I have some bald spots as well. I could literally feel the product stimulating my scalp. My hair feels so clean and the Shea puddn smells so good! The dandruff is gone thank god. I’m actually mad I didn’t buy this stuff sooner.

  • Imani Muhammad of Traveling Pillar LLC

    There is no other product line I can use but Mylani.  I have search high and low for my entire life and this is the one.  From the Shea Puddin' to the shampoo and conditioner, this is the ONE. I am not playing around with any other product...Support or be sorry!

  • Talitha Cassidy

    I LOVE the Mylani products for my naturally curly hair. Due to the thickness, my hair requires a lot of moisture and with using Mylani products, my hair is NEVER thirsty! The products are a staple for my wash days HANDS DOWN! My dad loves the beard spray and requires me to purchase him a 3 month supply moving forward (which says a lot because he is not easy to please). I definitely recommend this product line!

  • Tishanna

    I absolutely LOVE these products! Especially the Tame and the Pumpkin scented Gimme some sugar. They smell soooo good!! My hair is so healthy and has gotten a lot thicker since I started using her products. I am never going back to store bought products I can see the difference since switching.

  • Leigh B

    "I can't say enough about how much I LOVE ALL OF MYLANI PRODUCTS! I definitely have my favorites but I use so many, you'd think I had stock in it! When it's time for wash days and I'm wearing my hair curly my most favorite of favorite product is that TAME! I have never had a leave in conditioner get me together with some light bouncy flowing curls like Tame!

    I absolutely love the Nourish Hydrating Shampoo and Quench Deep Conditioner for my regular wash days. But when I want that extra clean feeling that Treat Peppermint and Tea Tree Shampoo feels AMAZING! And don't let that cool breeze hit ya scalp afterwards! Baybeeeee! The Bao Down is my go to before blow drying or if I just want to add a little extra moisture to my curls. Again light weight but quenches my hair thirst. Last but not least the Gimme Some Sugar Scrub and Body Butters have my skin feeling better than silky smooth. Like I might seduce myself I'm so soft and smelling Goodt! 

    Honestly, the entire product line is dope asf and I love them all and the person who makes them is pretty effing amazing too!"